About Us

Founder of KalimaKalima & Company is more than five decades old, was established in Singapore in 1959 by Mr. K.Hameed Ghouse Maricar. Initially the firm was selling all kinds of textiles, Java, Batiks. Indian Lunghies ( Sarongs ) Embroidery Laces and other readymade goods and general trading. It was an import & Export company - Importing various goods and re-exporting the same to various parts of the world .

Currently the firm specialises in Java Batiks, Gents Sarongs - ie. Lunghies, Abayas ( Burkas i.e. the Ladies Overcoats ), Hijabs and headgears, Scarfs and so on. Besides, the company sells Batik Bed sheets , Embroidery Bed sheets, plus Embroidery Pillow Covers and Ready Made Shirts - especially Batik Shirts and also Ladies dresses like Chudidars etc - along with Children's Wear.

As far as Java Batik is concerned , apart from the printed Batiks Which can be worn by both women and men, it can also be used for table and coffee table spreads, television covers etc - Even it can be used to make various kinds of fashion dresses. we also specialize in various types of wax item Batiks in various brands like Srikandi Jamila Special, Jamila Excellent , Jamila Super Delux, Jamila Super delux with Multi Colour, Kalima gold, Kalima Super Quality KX,  Kalima Red Rose, Noor Jehan etc - These brands are registered and are famous for almost forty years. These brands are being sold in Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East and Various parts of the world.

Our gents sarong ( Lunghies ) are available in various qualities and prices and mainly in the following brands like Kalima, Mimbermas and Tanga Mas, apart from various other brands.

Bed sheets - Batik designs, embroidery bed sheets and pillow covers in various designs and colors. All the above items can be seen in the photographs displayed in the website. We are both wholesalers and retailers.

Kindly send your enquiries to Mr. Mohamed or Mr. Hasan kalima@singnet.com.sg or kalimaco@singnet.com.sg